Missions are special challenges that award badges. There are 3 types of mission difficulty: Easy, normal, and hard.

  • Easy missions award 1 badge.
  • Normal missions award 2 badges.
  • Hard missions award 3 badges.

Collect 5 badges to play a Special Level!

Special Levels are one-time rounds that showcase awesome new game-play modes! In the Special Levels you can win lots of coins and gold!

If you don't want to complete a particular mission, you can spend 400 coins to get a new one.

You will earn badges for completing missions. Once a mission is completed, missions will be locked for the rest of the day. Don’t worry though! There will be a brand-new one waiting for you tomorrow.

The aim of Diamond Dash is to explode as many groups of gems as possible in 60 seconds. The faster you play and the more gems you explode, the higher you score!

As you level up, you unlock the Magic Powers that add extra magic to your game. There are 5 Magic Powers and you can use 3 varieties of power per round, and each power has a unique ability: 1.The Mystic Bomb explodes large groups of gems at a time. 2. The Color Splash splashes huge groups of same colored gems on the board. 3. The Time Bonus adds 2 seconds of play time to your round. 4. The Black Hole swallows all gems of the same color. 5. The Super Cube sorts all gems into colorful groups.

Gold: In Diamond Dash, you are rewarded with gold bars for leveling up. Gold can be used to buy new lives, as well as Black Hole and Super Cube Magic Powers.

Coins: Coins are added to your game every time you play a round. They can be used to buy the Time Bonus and Mystic Bomb Magic Powers.

Lives: One life = 1 round of Diamond Dash! You start off with 5, and after that, a new life will renew every 8 minutes. You can send and receive free lives to and from your friends when logged into Facebook, or buy new lives from the shop.

Try your luck at winning prizes on the Diamond Dash Wheels! Get one free spin a day on the Wooden Wheel, or try for even better prizes on the Diamond Wheel for only 5 gold bars. Each wheel gives great prizes, so why not keep spinning for a chance at winning the jackpot?

You can now compete against players from all over the world in Diamond Dash with the Global Tournament. Simply tap on the globe icon on your leader-board to take on the world! The Tournament is divided into 5 leagues according to level: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Diamond and Platinum.

If you are logged in to Facebook with Diamond Dash, the Weekly Tournament will reset your score every Wednesday. Unfortunately, we cannot reset scores for players who are not logged in to Facebook.

To log out of Facebook in Diamond Dash you need to disconnect from your Facebook account. To do this: 1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Tap the button with 3 stripes in the bottom right-hand corner. 3. Select “Account Settings” then “Apps and Websites”. 4. Select “Diamond Dash” then “Remove Application”. 5. Confirm the removal on the next page. 6. Wait a few moments, and the next time you open Diamond Dash you will be asked to log in again, however you can continue to play where you left off without doing so.

Game Center is an Apple product that connects with Diamond Dash. By achieving certain goals in the game, you can unlock achievements which will be shown in the Game Center app on your iPhone or iPad. For more information please visit Apple Support. (support.apple.com)

If you have purchased coins or gold bars in Diamond Dash app but they did not appear in your game, try closing the game then re-opening it. To ensure that you have completely quit the game, press the Home button twice (in a fast sequence) – you’ll see the Diamond Dash game icon appear. Hold your finger on the icon and it will start to shake. Click on the red circle in the top left-hand corner. If after doing this, you still cannot see your purchase, please follow these instructions: 1. First, open iTunes and select the iTunes Store link in the left-hand column. 2. Near the top right corner, tap the arrow next to your user name (email address) and then select Account. 3. About halfway down the screen, tap the Purchase History button. 4. In the bottom portion of the screen, you will see your App Store purchase history -- tap the Report a Problem button. 5. Locate the iTunes invoice with the application you would like a refund for, and then tap the link to report a problem. If the app was bought a while ago, locate it in the previous purchases section, and tap the expand arrow to bring up the report a problem link. 6. Fill out the form that follows and be sure to be as detailed as possible - when finished, tap Next. 7. If your reason for requesting a refund is valid, Apple should respond within a few days and process your refund within a week. Remember to not abuse this process - when Apple refunds your money, the developer's commission is lost as well.