Simply slide your finger in any direction over a group of 3 or more Jellys of the same color.

Connecting large numbers of Jellys together makes these Super Jellys. The more you connect, the more will appear!

A Super Jelly will release its energy to clear a horizontal row or a vertical column. This energy gets activated at the point from which you have lifted your finger. Whether a row or column clears from this point, depends on which way the Super Jelly flashes.

Super Jellys love to work together! When they are connected they release more power.

Coins can be bought as an in app purchase and can be used to buy boosts, lives or to unlock levels in the game.

Your progress is saved on your device, but if you are connected to Facebook, your game, and so your progress, can be played across multiple devices when you log in.

Logging into Facebook gives you access to many amazing features: Free lives, new levels, competing against friends, and playing across devices. You will also get a bonus of 70 FREE coins for logging in the first time.

You can log into Facebook by tapping the settings icon in the top left hand corner, and then the Facebook popup window. You can also log in when trying to access Facebook only features such as asking for lives, or unlocking levels.

If you are having trouble logging into Facebook, try checking the Facebook settings on your phone to make sure that Jelly Splash is enabled.

You can turn off sound and music by tapping the settings icon in the top left hand corner, and then the cog icon. The option will also come up when you pause the game.

You have a maximum of 5 lives. You only lose a life if you do not successfully finish a level, and each life is renewed after 30 minutes. You can get more lives by asking your friends or using coins to buy them.

There are many different objectives to complete in Jelly Splash.

- Score levels can be completed by reaching the target score in the limited amount of moves.

- Diamond levels require the diamonds to be dropped down to the bottom of the screen.

- Gray slime levels are completed by removing the gray slime behind the Jellys.

- Slime guard levels are finished by digging down to the bottom and banishing the slime guards.

- In some levels, you will have to rescue captured Jellys by connecting them to other Jellys until their number is reduced to 0.